Ramadan Review


Isn’t amazing how quick Ramadan came and went? We didnt even get a chance to catch a good glimpse of it…? But you know what…every year we say the same old sayings..we commit the same old mistakes and fall into the same old rubbish we have done so the past Ramadans that have come and gone. You know theres a famous English saying:

So this year we were not having any of that! We made sure with the Ramadan Team Buddies that we were going to do a U-turn on our ever annoying Ramadan habits…

Now that it has gone, we will review to better equip ourself inshallah for the year to come. However, we will mention a few good points that we were somewhat able to implent.

Things that went well:

1. We made sure that we had made intention for as many action we could do as possible.

2. Eating less and being consistent with waking up and having Suhoor

3. Being able to pray Fajr on time and establishing the Sunnah prayers after the Fard.

4. Awareness of the uttering and rememberance of daily Adhkar (supplication). There was more understanding of what was uttered, than just mere robotic reading!

5. Begining to understand the value of Ramadan by listening and reading about it before it happens. Also, Laylatul’Qadr odd nights were also magnifecent mainly because of the fact that we listened to the tafsire of Surah Qadr.

Things that we are not proud of, but hopefully we can look back and make changes inshallah

1. Running out of energy the last 10 days

2. No preparation for the most important days

3. Quran recitation and Supplication went downhill as the days went by

4. Distraction from entertainment/media

5. Not utilising free time efficiently

Ways of dealing with the above

1. Have the last 10 days in mind so you can focus on it and keep your ibadah activities constant and consistent to ensure that you don’t burn out by the 20th day

2. Keep a diary to remind you of the virtues of the days/nights of ramadhan before ramadhan has arrived so you are ready to take full advantage

3. Have a list of duah that you would use at all the appropriate timings i.e. at the end of prayers, at iftar and suhur time. Choose a particular portion of the Qur’an you would like to work on and aim to learn, understand, and reflect upon this. In that way you will avoid doing a marathon with the Qur’an and instead gain an appreciation of the depth of Allah’s word and the impact it should have on our lives.

4. You should cut out as much TV time as possible as this is the biggest time consuming activity. Allocate a small amount of time during the day or at the end of the week where you will quickly check your mails and phone etc and do not increase in this portion of time until the next day/week.

5. Keep a list of different activities that you can do to increase you ibadah, in a place you will see often. This should act as a reminder everytime you ‘think’ you have free time. Examples of activities could include listening to a beneficial lecture, listening to tafseer of the Qur’an, reading an islamic book, learning a dua etc.

* For materials, guidelines and help please refer to ‘Ramadan Prep’ page.




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