Have you heard of NAK?


Have you heard of a man named NAK?…well NAK is short for Nouman Ali Khan.This man is beyond cool, he makes you understand the Quran in simple English with every day analogies to aid your understanding.

Mashallah the guy is very unique and may Allah preserve him and his teachers. Ameen

Something I wanted to share with you is his Tafseer of Juzz Amma which is free to download.

Tafseer Juzz Amma

And if you really want to dedicate your time and want to go in depth with the Quran,well someone has kindly typed up his recordings so you can follow and make notes if you print it out.

Tafseer Juzz Amma Transcribed



Let’s quench their Thirst!

SadaqatulJarariyah blog is aiming to raise £1900 to build 10 Hand Water pumps in Asia. We aim and pray to Allah that He adds this on our scales of good deeds and accepts this as a Sadaqatuljariyah. Ameen

We need your help...ask your friends and family to donate £10. If every 2 people collected £10 from a friend we will have plenty of hand pumps to install..and imagine how this will help you when you are gone…to know that your deeds are still continuing.

The Project:

The Hand Pump will provide a family or row of homes with a hand dug well and manual hand pump to extract ground water, or fund the maintenance of a preinstalled hand pump.

The Charity:

Human Appeal International – http://www.humanappeal.org.uk/

To Donate: Via Paypal

The Video: