Ramadan 2013 Goals

Ramadan willbe visiting us extremely soon, and once again we have to  pencil our goals and work our best to try and aciheve it.


1. Always have your intention intact [why are you doing what you are doing should be the question you ask yourself for every action ou perform]

2. Learn Duahs for everyday action

3.Read a Juzz a day and translation [for sisters who are on their menses, read it in English only]

4. Make sure Sunnah prayers are intact. This is because sunnah prayers are almost equal to a fard during the month of Ramadan.

5. Make daily Istighfar [tawba] – This should be done everynight before entering the next fasting day.If you are lost for words then just download a duah qunootandlisten through it and say Ameen at the end of the duah. http://www.kalamullah.com/quran.html [scroll down and download the ‘The Qunoot Collection’]


Let them be…

Many parents fail to perfom the wise practice embedded in the advice given below:

If you scold a child, then leave him room to turn away fromhis wrong action, so that you do not leave him with obstinacy as his only way out. – Quote By Imam Ali (ra)