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Value of Parents


Sometimes amidst the hustle and bustle of life we neglect the nearest and dearest. And sometimes its because we perceive what we are doing or what we have built of our own as more important than the ones who bore us, who struggled night and day, sacrificed beyond limits and worried sick about us.

It’s amazing that we neglect the very people that would aid our journey into Jannah. Subhanallah there’s not much to add to this topic, all that’s left is stories from parents who have seen the problems caused by their children.

Lets do our nafs and our akhirah a favour and treat our parents with the utmost respect and kind treatment. Even in the case of the parents being of different faith to you. Remember you are the only person who is able to show them the correct image of a religion that will safeguard their life and akhirah.

Here’s an example of a parents complain.

Two faced


Parents should be cautious when talking about any matter in front of a young child. This is regardless whether or not the topic being discussed concerns the child or not. Adult talk should be with adults alone. This doesn’t mean you gossip and slander other people whilst the children are not listening, rather vain talking and irrelevant discussion about others shouldn’t be spoken about in the first place.

Therefore, having said this, backbiting should not never be practiced amongst anyone – let alone when children are amongst an adult crowd.2988129169_1_3_wn2pltfw

A story the blog would like to share which illustrates this awkward and embarrassing situation is the following.

A mother and her friends were backbiting about the next door neighbor. The next day the child who happen to have heard almost everything the mother mentioned went next door to play with the next door neighbor’s child. When the woman opened the door the child walked in and started walking around the mother and looking very strangely at her face, the mother noticing the child’s surprised look, asked the child what it is he was looking at. The child responded with “My mum said you have two face, I’m looking for the second one!”