Don’t be sad


Don’t lose sleep over people’s words and actions, put your trust in Allah and always be sincere with what you do and Allah will make things easy for you.

dont lose sleep

When you are hurt by the people who share blood relations with you, recall Yusuf (as) who was also betrayed by his brothers….

When you find your parents opposing you (in deen) recall Ibraheem (as) who was made to jump into a blazing fire by his father…

When you are mocked and abused by your own relatives just because you adopted deen over duniya, recall Rasul Allah (saw) who faced the same….

When you are stuck into some problem and find no way out recall Yunus (as) who was stuck inside the belly of a whale…

When you fall ill and your whole body cries with pain, recall Ayoob (as) who was more ill thank you….

When you see some physical fault in yourself, recall Moosa (as) who could not properly speak…

When someone slanders you, recall Ayesha (ra) who was also slandered throughout the city….

When you feel lonely recall how Adam (as) felt when he was created alone at first…

When you can’t see any logic in what’s going on and your heart asks why this is happening, recall Nooh (as) who built the biggest ship without questioning….



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