The Fast of Sha’ban


Sha’ban is the last month before the big month of Ramadan. This is the last step of preparation.

Some interesting scientific signs inShaban Fasting

It was scientifically proved that the human body in the first Fasting days began to consume its stored reserves of fats, Proteins and others, to compensate the shortage resulting from reducing food. As a result, some poisons (adrenalin hormone) flow in blood before the body throws them out with the leftovers. That is why the fasting man feels some symptoms like headache, weakness, quick-tempered, bad temper and he may abuses others and that obliges him, sometimes to break his fast.

After few days of fasting, these symptoms disappear when the hormones ratio in blood return to their nature, with Allah’s will.

The voluntary Shaban fasting is considered as training on the obligatory fasting of Ramadan and to remove the fasting hardship in the beginning of Ramadan…Almighty Allah has the best knowledge….

Osama son of Zaid –May Allah be pleased with them- said: I said O messenger of Allah: I didn’t see, you Fasting in any month as saw you do in Shaban?
He -peace and blessings be upon him- said “That’s a month the people neglect it between Rajab and Ramadan, and in that month- Shaban- the people deeds are raised to the Lord of mankind, so I love to be fasting, while my deeds are raised”

« يا رسول الله! لم ارك تصوم شهرا من الشهور ما تصوم من شعبان؟ ! قال : ذلك شهر يغفل الناس عنه ، بين رجب ورمضان، وهو شهر ترفع فيه الأعمال إلى رب العالمين ، فأحب أن يرفع عملي،وأنا صائم»

Imam Ibn Rajab -May Allah bestows him his mercy- said about the wisdom of Shaban fasting “as the prophet Muhammad mentioned, whereas Shaban comes between two great months, Rajab (one of sacred months) and Ramadan (fasting month), the people occupied themselves with them and neglected Shaban. Also a lot of people think that fasting reward in Rajab which is a sacred month is better than Shaban fasting, but this isn’t true) [lata’ef-alma’arf book]