Don’t wait for it….


Dear readers we hope you are all well


A man was asked, what time is it? And he said, I can’t tell you the time because the hour, the minute and the second is separated on the clock and they are not close to each other. Let’s wait until they get close to each other, then I can tell you the time.
Meaning of this story:
If you keep waiting for success to come close to you, it will never happen, the only way is for you to move and achieve success!

Have you ever gone through those days, weeks and months of not doing the things you know will build a stable akhira? We don’t even have to mention them, for we all have an Ibadah, action or words that we l fall short on and would wish that we rectify them so that we look forward to meeting our Lord Allah, and that He will be pleased with us. yet we settle for less and allow excuses to prevent the crucial success to take shape. As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built n a day! How true ….