Asalamulaykum dear readers, don’t be fooled by today’s date. Real love should be for Allah and His messengers…. Now that’s ever lasting love. It’s the kind of love that fills the void in the heart and makes you feel good every day.



Fire in the house


We pray you are all well.

A sheikh/mufti in Saudi was recently asked the following question, his answer was amazing Alhamdulillah.


A woman asked a mufti : “What should I do to my kids to wake them up for Fajr due to their heavy sleep?”

The mufti said: “What will you do if there is a fire  in the house and they are sleeping ??”

She said : “I’ll wake them up.”

Mufti replied:  But if their sleep is heavy ??

She then said: ” By Allaah ! I will wake them up or I will drag them by their necks.”

The Mufti then said: “If this is what you are going to do to save them from the fire of the dunya then do the same to save them from the blazing fire of the hereafter…!”

May Allah grant us the tawfiq to establish Deen in our household starting from ourselves and young ones. Ameen