Dear Lord….


Some days you feel a little like this right? –>

shaikha 1341


Stop the insult…


Why are we so quick to insult others? It doesn’t make sense, do we get a brownie point for the amount of negativity we gear towards others?! Honestly, doesn’t it make you wonder? Alhamdulillah for Islam, a religion so balanced it doesn’t take such acts lightly. Why because someone’s integrity, character and their being is being mocked about…and 99% of the time you insult in a state of anger so what your going throw is nothing but oversized negativity, mish mash analysis and most definitely wrong statements!

So before you insult remember this…


Take a break…



We pray you are all well dear readers,

There’s been an itchy topic that I have been meaning to post….its the talk of time. Subhnallah! It really amazes me how we don’t really have much time dedicated to the worship of Allah yet every one of us if not in the majority is hooked on one type of social media or another..and its kind of getting out of hand, because our phones are the first thing we embrace and the last thing we part with. What’s happening? What is this new phenomena? Everyone is doing it, elders, middle aged, youngsters, children….everyone is looking down. People are missing live actions due to their head being suspended downwards glued to their phones. We all do it, some to a minor and some to major degrees. However, not all activities on the phone is bad for us, I mean take a knife for example good can come out if or bad, it depends what you intend to use it for.

Lets utilise these devices we are privileged to have in our time and generate deeds using it. I don’t have to spell it out, if we can generate garbage from them in the form of forwarding useless comments or talks….good can come out if you reverse the thoughts and actions.

Over and out readers!