Father of the Kittens


We wanted to share this beautiful story, its quite touching to see the compassion this man has with the animals.


أبو هريرات | Father of the Kittens – Masjid al-Aqsa

A short film about Ghassan from Baytul Maqdis who feeds the cats, birds and worshippers of #MasjidalAqsa. He has been doing it daily since 1971 despite the brutal Israeli occupation and constant obstruction of worshippers entering the al-Aqsa compound.




Assalamu’alaykum all

We pray you are all well and in good health and high Iman during this blessed Month of Shaban.

Work hard during this month in preparation of the most holiest month that is literally round the corner. For all of us who are working hard to kick our bad habits out of the window then we think you will enjoy the following video, it kinda puts things in perspective and actually makes you wake up a little about the way our world is being run.