Be happy…


Today you have every reason to be happy, it’s Friday and we are still in Dhul Hijjah Alhamdulillah.


Be Happy & Content with what We have,while working for what we Want & Need. Remember!  A Happy & successful life begins with Faith in Almighty The King of The Kings & Appreciating the Many Blessings awarded to Us .  As Friday shines in the Heart of believers, May You and your lovely ones be among those who will receive the Benefits & Blessings of This Day and Happy Weekend. Ameen 🙏


Welcome Ramadan!

Asalamu’alaykum dear readers,



the month filled with amazing blessings is now upon us. Alhamdulillah we are all very fortunate to be alive to witness the first taraweeh.

May this be the beginning of something special for us all. May we work hard to build our akhira and earn the mercy and forgiveness of Ar.Rahman. Ameeeeeen!

imageWe we will be posting a video everyday – gems of Ramadan and tafsir of each juzz. These videos help capture the day and allow us to prepare for the next.


Keep us in your duahs, and remember there will be those who will not be having a pleasant Ramadan as their Iftar will be in a prison cell, war zone, and for some poverty stricken situation means Iftar never comes. Ya Rabb forgive us for our shortcomings and accept the duahs we make for our brethren, Ameen.