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Two beggars knocked on the door asking for bread. One beggar was given a loaf and sent away. The other was kept waiting and waiting. At length, the second beggar became concerned. “Why am I being denied? What is so lacking in me that the other one was favoured over me?” he asked himself. Unknown to the beggar, a fresh loaf was being baked for him inside the house.

Let’s remember that Allah’s delays are not always His denials. His timing is always perfect.

Allah has perfect timing..never early, never late. It takes a little patience and it takes a lot of faith but its worth the wait.

We dont know what tomorrow holds but know who holds tomorrow – ALLAH, The Most Merciful, The Most Loving, The All Wise.

“My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.” – {Imam Ash-Shafi}.


1st the worse….2nd the best..


We pray you are in the best of health and iman.

Nowadays it’s so hard to be patient especially when we are so fast paced with technology. We almost expect everything to be as fast as how we browse the net!

Sometimes we should sit and think about this and whether or not we are missing a great deal of practicing patience with all this rush rush rush.

A story to illustrate this. Think and ponder



A certain gentleman walked into a hotel and after perusing through the menu ordered for some food.

After about 20 mins another group of gentlemen walked in and ordered for theirs. To his dismay, he noticed them get served first.

He watched as they began to eat and laugh heartily. He even overheard one of them brag about how he knew everyone at that hotel and how things moved fast for him here.

He felt he was being mocked. He contemplated leaving. But he had waited so long.

Unable to take it anymore, he called the waiter and spoke sadly of how unfair things were. The waiter calmly told him, “Yours is a special order Sir, being prepared by the chief chef himself.

Their orders were prepared hurriedly by interns because the top chefs are busy with yours. That’s why they came first.

Please have some juice as you wait”.

Unknown to him the owner of the hotel { who happened to be an old long lost friend of his } had seen him coming and wanted to surprise him and had made changes to his simple meal to make it an exotic meal. He calmed down and waited.

Shortly after his meal was served by 6 waiters and he was waited on hand and foot and being made very comfortable.

The gentlemen at the other table were shocked.

They couldn’t stop staring. Suddenly they were the ones murmuring, asking why they didn’t get that kind of service and meal.

So it is with life ! Some people seem to be ahead of you and eating now, laughing at you about how they know people and how they’re blessed with money and how they’re enjoying life because of it, and how famous they are, how many people follow them on social media, and even if they wrong anyone, people are so taken by them they will defend them. They gloat in that false facade and achievement and become boastful and arrogant, with all their priorities wrong.

You on the other hand have been waiting long wondering why its taking soo long to get your breakthrough, enduring mockery and humiliation.

Do not worry !

The owner of the world has seen you. And doesn’t want to give you simple meals like those laughing at you.

You’ve been waiting for long because yours is a special meal and takes time.

And only the chief chef makes those !

Take heart today.

Wait for your meal and relax. When it comes, the laughing party will be silenced for good.

Calm down.
Have patience and thank Allah for all that you have.

Beautiful Patience

Asalamu’alaykum readers,

We pray that you are working your tongue off with dhikr..  ☺️

We have a beautiful story to share!




Sa’eed was sitting at the waiting area at the Jeddah Airport after having completed the rites of hajj, and next to him was another person who completed his hajj.

The man next to him said:

“I work as a contractor and Allaah has blessed me with performing my 10th hajj.

Sa’eed told him: ” hajj mabroor, may Allah accept and forgive you your sins.

The man smiled and said: ameen.

Then he asked him: have you performed hajj before this time?

Sa’eed was hesitating to tell him, and then he said:

“by Allaah, it’s a long story and I don’t want to hurt your head with my talk.

The man laughed and said:

“Please tell me, as you see we have nothing to do, we’re just waiting.

Sa’eed smile and said: yes, waiting is the start of my story.

“I’ve been waiting years so that I can go to hajj.

After working for 30 years as a physiotherapist in a private hospital, I was able to save enough money to go for hajj.

The same day I went to get my salary, I came across one of the mother’s who’s paralyzed son I treat.

I could see her face was worried and anxious.

She said: “I leave you to Allaah’s keeping, brother Sa’eed this is our last visit to this hospital.

I was surprised with her words and I thought she wasn’t happy with my treatment, and that she was considered moving her son to another hospital.

She told me: “no brother Sa’eed, Allaah bears witness that you were to my son like a father, and you helped him in his treatment when we had lost hope.

– Then she left very saddened.

The man next to him interrupted and said: “that’s strange, if she was pleased with your treatment and her son was improving then why did she leave?

Sa’eed answered: “that’s what I thought too, so I went to the administration to find out what happened.

They told me the boy’s father had lost his job and was unable to continue paying for his son’s treatment.

The man next to him said: “there is no might and power except with Allah, poor them, how did you deal with it?

Sa’eed said: – I went to the manager and pleaded with him to continue treating the boy on the hospital’s expense, but he sharply rejected and said, ‘this is a private institution not a charity’.

– I left his office sad and broken for this family.

– Then suddenly, I placed my hands in my pocked which had my money all prepared for hajj.

I stood in my place for a while, then I raised my head above and spoke to my Rabb:

O Allaah, You know how I feel and You know there is nothing more beloved to me than to go to Your house and do hajj, and to visit Your messenger’s masjid.

You know I have been working all my life for this moment, but I prefer this poor lady and her son over myself, so don’t deprive me of Your favors.

– I went to the accounts desk and paid all I had for his treatment which covered the next six months.

– I begged the accountant to tell the lady that it’s from the hospital expense for special cases.

He was affected by this and there were tears in his eyes and said, ‘baarak Allah feek and people like you’

The man next to him then said: “if you donated all of your money, then how did you go to hajj?

Sa’eed said: ” I went back to my home sad that day for having lost the opportunity of a lifetime for hajj.

But my heart was filled with happiness that I removed a distress from the lady and her son.

– I slept that night with a tear on my cheek.

– I had a dream and I was making tawaf around the ka’aba and people were saying salam to me and they told me:

#hajj mabroor O Sa’eed, for you have performed hajj in the heavens before you performed hajj on earth’.

– I immediately woke up and felt an indescribable happiness.

– I praised Allaah for everything and was pleased with His decree.

When I got up from my sleep, my phone rang and it was the hospital’s manager.

He told me the owner of the hospital wants to go to hajj this year and he won’t go without his personal therapist.

But his therapist’s wife is expecting and has reached her final days of pregnancy so he can’t leave her.

– Would you do me favor?

– Would you accompany him in his hajj?

I made sujood shukr to Allaah. And as you see, Allaah granted me to go to His house without having to pay anything.

And all praise to Allaah, the owner of the hospital insisted on giving me something for his accompaniment.

I told him the story of the lady and her son, and he demanded the boy be treated at the hospital from his own personal expense.

– And to place a donations box in the hospital for the treatment of needy patients.

– And on top of that, he gave the boy’s father a job at one of his companies.

He even returned the money I had initially spent for the boy’s treatment.

Have you seen great favors than the favors of my Rabb? Subhan Allaah

The man next to him hugged him and told him: by Allaah I have never felt this kind of shyness as I’m feeling now.

I would perform hajj one year after another thinking I was doing something great, and that my place with Allaah would be elevated as a result of it.

But now I understood that your hajj is equivalent to a thousand of mine.

I went to the house of Allaah, but Allah invited you to His house.

May Allah accept your hajj.

Always think good about Allah (swt) and know He is able to do all things.

We ask Allaah to forgive us and humble us in everything we do. Aameen




patienc beauty

Patience requires the passage of time to express itself. We can’t claim to be patient when we expect our sorrows to end immediately. The true believer does not lose hope in Allah though he may have to live with his sorrow for years. Therefore dear readers, always remember that patience is a tree with bitter roots that bear sweet fruits.